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Mission, vision and values

We have two closely-related missions pertaining to this project; one is the young people, the other is society. The former is all about creating through music a healthy leisure-time activity, where lessons in the use of various instruments, the arranging of music events of varying nature, and learning about different musical genres and their characteristics all help to maintain the focus on the young people and their development.

The latter focuses on improving the conditions for integration by cooperating with families, volunteers as well as other musical organisations and institutions whose target audiences are the same as ours. We want to create a healthy leisure-time activity for the young people; strengthen their interest in learning as well as broaden their social- and democratic consciousness and sense of community. In doing so, the young people will experience a sense of responsibility and embrace not only the physical setting of the school, but also the cooperation between the parties involved. In the long run we are committed to expanding the concept of the all-volunteer music school to also involve other major Danish cities with low-income areas and vulnerable communities.

Our vision is that we will be able to contribute in a positive way to the local community through the efforts and work of MusicLife, and that we - together with the young people as well as the volunteers - can create exciting and valuable musical experiences for all parties involved.

The concept is based on values such as: fun, shared responsibility, solidarity and open-mindedness.


As we will have students and teachers from many different backgrounds - we must strive to be open toward the multitudes of resources with which we each contribute.

Shared responsibility

MusicLife is an all-volunteer self-governing organisation; therefore, when it comes to the school, the school's equipment and the parties involved, a sense of ownership and shared responsibility is a prerequisite for success.


We support each other to create a pleasant atmosphere.


Participating in MusicLife is meant to be fun.